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Close contact with our customers in combination with a passion for innovation has made us the biggest manufacturer of vineyard equipment in Germany with an extensive range of products.

Our products comprise grape harvesters, and attachments both for tending vines and preparing new vineyards. The focus of our development activities is always to provide value to our customers who have to prosper in the face of international competition.
ERO Grape Harvesters
The self-propelled ERO Grapeliner SF200 is just as reliable as it is gentle in its treatment of grapes and vines.
ERO Cane Pruner VITECO
ERO Cane-Pruner revolutionises vineyard’s toughest job
ERO Trimmers
Trimmers must fulfil widely differing requirements depending on the size of the vineyard, vineyard configuration, and the tractor available. That is why ERO offers several models with numerous different equipment levels.
ERO Shoot Binders
Mechanisation of the time-consuming task of binding vine shoots started when the first version of the ERO Shoot Binder was introduced in 1978.
ERO-Leaf Stripper Professional
VITIpulse Defoliator
ERO Post Pounder
The ERO Post Pounder is designed for driving wood, metal or concrete vineyard and fence posts. Its ease of use ensures safe post driving, even in difficult terrain and stony ground.

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