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VITIpulse Defoliator

VITIpulse, the ERO pulsed air defoliator removes leaves using bursts of compressed air. Not only are the outer leaves reached but also those within the foliage wall. The burst of air also removes the flower clusters from the caps. Good air circulation in the grape zone reduces the danger of botrytis bunch rot and other fungal diseases. If the system is used shortly after bloom begins, smaller berries are also removed, and depending on the setting more or less yield reduction is achieved. The remaining berries lie more loosely, develop a harder skin and are generally more healthy and can stay on the vine longer. Due to the thinned out foliage wall, the sun and wind can more quickly dry the grapes after rainfall, which also has a positive effect on the quality of the grape harvested.

VITIpulse can already be used at the end of flowering (BBCH 68) until shortly before harvest (BBCH 83).


  • Optimal defoliation results thanks to pulsed bursts of air
  • Good air circulation and drying of the grape zone to prevent bunch rot
  • Improved application of plant protection products and plant strengthening agents
  • Enables targeted yield reduction
  • Long period of use (BBCH 68–83): from the end of flowering until shortly before harvest
  • Use after bloom: Removing flower clusters from the inflorescence
  • The position and inclination angle of the defoliating heads can be optimally adjusted to match the vertical face of the canopy
  • Driving speeds of up to approx. 3.5 km/h possible
  • High surface performance
  • High degree of efficiency
  • Mufflers
  • Easy maintenance and low wear


    Many hydraulic adjustment options allow optimal angle to the canopy:
  • Hydraulic width offset – for adjusting distance of heads from canopy
  • 60 cm hydraulic lateral offset
  • Hydraulic tilting by 27°
  • Hydraulically height-adjustable heads

  • Manual adjustment of defoliating degree by
  • Aligning the defoliating heads (max. defoliating height: 420 mm)
  • Air pressure adjustment (max. 1 bar)
  • Adjustment of nozzle rotation speed

  • Air pressure display in line of sight
  • Breakback protection
  • Stainless steel heads
  • Dismount stand for front-mounted unit


  • Comfort control 4 x double-acting, 1 x single-acting, with joystick operation
  • Hydraulic width offset
  • 10/4-way solenoid valve control For operating four double-acting functions using an existing double-acting control device.
  • Z linkage
  • Support for lift with hydraulic lateral inclination


Front-mounted over-row one-sided
Rear-mounted over-row one-sided
Front-mounted two-sided
Rear-mounted two-sided

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