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ERO Shoot Binders

Mechanisation of the time-consuming task of binding vine shoots started when the first version of the ERO Shoot Binder was introduced in 1978.
Today ERO Shoot Binders operate on the same well-proven principle, but have been continually improved in important deals over the years. There is a choice of three different versions to meet different requirements and for different sizes of vineyard. All ERO Shoot Binders are available with an electrically-driven or hydraulic top cutter.

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ERO Shoot Binder 250
The ERO Shoot Binder 250 - ideal for small vineyards
ERO Shoot Binder 500
The ERO Shoot Binder 500 is designed for medium-sized operations.
ERO Shoot Binder 4000
For large vineyards, the ERO Shoot Binder 4000 is the optimum choice.

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