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ERO-Grapeliner 7000

More than 30 years of experience with mechanical grape harvesting have gone into the ERO-Grapeliner 7000.

The ERO-Grapeliner 7000 provides high-performance grape picking of large acreages combined with excellent climbing abilities. Due to optimum position of the engine and grape bin, the low center of gravitiy allows machine harvesting even in difficult terrain.

The comfort cab provides a perfect view in all directions and includes features such as Automatic Climate Control, tinted windows, sun blinds and a USB port. An integrated electric cooler and easy-to-clean artificial leather interior surfaces add an even higher degree of comfort. With a volume of over 3 m3 the ERO-cab is the largest of any grape harvester on the market.

All plastic covers including the cab ladder can be opened without tools for maintenance and cleaning.

High quality grape harvesting: The unique leaf ejection system of the ERO-Grapeliner 7000, supported by the cross vent, eleminates up to 70 % of leaves before these touch the conveyor belt. This allows lower suction-fan revs for reduced juice and fruit losses and best-in-class samples.

The VITIselect grape sorting system comes with an optional automatic basket switch which operates regardless of the tilt angle. This improves the distribution of picked grapes especially on steep slopes. The spacing of the rollers for the sorting table can be adjusted from the driver‘s cab to match the grape size, improving overall harvest quality. The platform is sealed to facilitate cleaning.

The smooth cross conveyor belt with wipers ensures that only cleanly picked grapes reach the harvest bin. The shortened ejection channel on the upper suction blower is easy to clean. Lateral offloading enables faster grape bin emptying and perfect view to the bin and trailer.

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