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At last: the site has been bought and planning permission applied for

On conclusion of the contract to purchase the property, preparatory work started on site: 250,000 cubic metres of soil had to be moved to turn the sloping ground into a level area prior to construction.

The mayor of Simmern, Dr. Andreas Nikolay (r.), and the managing director of ERO-Gerätebau GmbH, Michael Erbach, meet for a press conference on the site. The occasion was the signing of the sale agreement for the site.

The earth-moving works proceed at full tilt.

2nd. October 2015 | A beautiful sunset gives an impression of the fine views that await employees in the new buildings.

17th. November 2015 | The mystery of the trees is solved: these are rare redwood trees, which in future will grace the company’s premises.

They were moved and replanted by a specialist company from Bavaria.

The redwood trees in their new location. Now they have to be watered so that the root system, developed over 30 years since they were planted in their original location, can regenerate and give them a secure footing where they are now.

Finished at last: the planning application is complete and can be taken to the planning authority. Together with the planner, managing director Michael Erbach signs the planning application documents.

Several signatures are needed before the application can be handed in to the planning office on time just before Christmas.

Content is comming here as you probably can see.Content is comming here as you probably can see.